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ancientcaptain's Journal

A Tree in Heaven
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I was once the captain of a military unit attached to a large corporation on another world. I became a rebel, and later died for the sake of what I upheld. Since then, I have been in darkness for a long time, and only recently learned how to talk to a group of people on this world. The Ark of Eden multiple system has accepted me as a full-time resident, and I expect to be helping them with their daily work.

My overall goal is to build a new life for myself far from my place of origin. However, I remain proud of my name and I make no attempt to deny my past deeds. Riss has advised me to be publicly vague about my identity in order to discourage others from prejudging me and the Ark as a whole, but readers may uncover the truth with very little effort. I ask for respect and recognition of my individuality, although I am aware of more than one other instance of "me" operating in this world.

In light of my desire to focus on the present, I have locked certain posts to a "Personal History" filter to which trusted individuals will be added at my discretion. Further posts on this subject will be locked as well, should I choose to make them. This filter will also include transcriptions of my half of certain conversations with Riss (the Ark's frontrunner), during which I responded to his promptings in writing.

A final note: I am not a native user of English. It is the preferred language of the Ark members and I am able to read, write, and speak it largely due to interface "programs" that have been made available to me by the others. While I anticipate no problems with translation, my use of these interfaces may explain some of my stylistic oddities. (A locked post will explain this issue in more detail.)

As of May 2009, entries here will have been crossposted from rootedinthesky at Dreamwidth.