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Aug. 23rd, 2009



Riss has been having difficulty with certain emotional problems. I have told him my advice already, but posting it publicly seems to give it a greater weight.

Constant self-improvement is an admirable goal. All people, ideally, should desire it. There are two ways to assist this process, and they can be used in combination. One can increase awareness of when something is done wrong, and when one does something wrong, one remembers what was done and tries not to do it again. One can also increase awareness of when something is done right, and one will then try to repeat that action in the future.

I believe that the first method, when used excessively, will eventually lead to failure. It does not encourage action, but rather forces one to consider "negative action." One cannot do this, or that, or the other, or one can do this thing but not in this way, and on and on. In order for one to arrive at a course of action, one must first check every possibility against a long list of not-to-do's. At the very least, this process takes more time and more thought than the execution of the single to-do that is known to be correct. Considering action--what one can or should do--is faster and more productive than considering all the things that cannot be done, that should not be done, or that do not work.

Considering negative action is like approaching every problem backwards. Awareness of one's wrongdoing is necessary for proper perspective, but this awareness should be used to enhance one's knowledge of the right ways to act. Building a huge list of thou-shalt-not's is useless; the list will never be complete enough to include every possible wrong way to do something. When a person does something wrong, saying, "I will never do that again" is ultimately less productive than using the mistake to fine-tune the way that one does plan to act in the future.

Also, as my dear friend has sadly learned, focusing only on the things that one does wrong and being constantly afraid of doing more wrong things in the future is a greater drain on one's emotions than focusing on the things that one does right and endeavoring to act even more rightly. It is all still a balancing act, but my experience indicates that effort is better spent on action than on not-action.

Now I am aware that, in order to be of the best help to my friend, I should let us all go peacefully to sleep. Good night, Internet.

Jun. 23rd, 2009


This was not my idea.

The others have already described this project in their own journals, but, briefly, we are all amusing ourselves by creating a group of characters for the Maid RPG game. I am not much inclined toward roleplaying, so I initially hoped to avoid this, particularly since I am rather attached to my manhood and have little interest in portraying a female. The others have solved this problem by concluding that I should play the Master who is employing all of their maids. This is a little awkward, for personal reasons, but I feel more at ease with the role now that the dice have declawed Blind Tiger's libido for me.

I may as well go through the character creation process, but...really, I'm not sure that I have the skill for this. BT and Riss have considered the possibility of artificially creating a character based on my actual personality so that I can remain involved, but we will see how that plan goes. If all the action is expected to take place on a far-future spaceship in a completely different universe, then maybe dealing with the setting will require enough creativity?

For comparison, the others' characters: DD from the Dragon, Tiggy Amaretto from Blind Tiger, and Grace Kerr-Barrows from Riss. As requested, I will begin by generating a butler, then a Master, and then the Master's Mansion.

First, my butler character.Collapse )

And now for the Master.Collapse )

And finally, let us see how our futuristic sorcerer Mansion-ship turns out.Collapse )

Well, this was actually quite fun. When do we start playing...? :)

--S of S.

Jan. 13th, 2009


Small Crisis.

Last night there was an emergency in our apartment involving a repeatedly-overflowing toilet. Riss seemed rather surprised at how much I enjoyed helping out with this. The truth is that I have been involved with more disturbing situations that were not nearly as mundane. It's actually quite a relief to have something so simple and ordinary to take care of.

Maintenance has already been here and gone, but the results were good. Whatever made the plumbing explode has cleared the drains out nicely; Riss claims that the one in the shower is working better than it ever has in the past. The complex's representative claimed that the owners of the building would pick up the cost of cleaning the carpet. Possibly this will require us to wait for them at home, but if they arrive quickly enough, we may still be able to mail out our packages.

Relationships are still being patched up. I want this to work. I would be happy if only my days could be filled with these kinds of little troubles, problems easily weathered and solved. Maintaining Internal harmony will likely be the most difficult thing for us all, at least for now.

--Sephiroth of SOLDIER.

Jan. 5th, 2009



This journal has been inactive for some time, partly due to conflicts with my hosts. However, changes were made some months ago which may (hopefully) allow me to be more of a permanent fixture in the arkofeden system. For details, you may wish to refer to Riss' entry on the subject in the group journal.

Because I hope to be closely involved in daily life, I will be posting at arkofeden; this place is for me to use if I find it necessary to operate alone, or if I need to keep track of my own separate interests and communications.

I may say more later, but for now we have other work to do. Thank you for your attention.

--Sephiroth of SOLDIER.

Jul. 30th, 2006


(no subject)

Thoughts about some stories from this world.Collapse )

--Sephiroth of SOLDIER.

Jul. 19th, 2006


(no subject)

Given that this is the first entry in my new online journal, I feel as if I should say something particularly interesting or relevant. But the disadvantage of this medium is that I can never know the person with whom I am speaking; they may read these words at any time, and may choose to leave no indication of their presence. So I cannot think of anything properly personal, except to say that I hope that what will be written here will be of some use or provoke some thought.

Riss has said that he will go looking for the writings that he and I made many years ago, which discuss the fundamentals of my life. When he finds them, I will post them here.

Thank you for reading.

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